Thank You for Your Service to Our Country!

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Dear Veteran,

Great Oaks is a “Principles of Excellence School” as defined in Executive Order 13607, signed by the President on April 27, 2012. As such, we do require that all veterans meet with the financial aid office prior to being enrolled. The purpose of this meeting is to give you pertinent information as required in the EO 13607 so that you will be able to make an informed decision about coming to our school. If you plan on using financial aid in addition to your VA benefits, it is requested that you complete the FAFSA prior to your appointment.

Chapter 33 (Post911) pays the school directly, so you are allowed to start a program without *full payment, if you can provide your VA Certificate of Eligibility in advance. All other chapters pay the veteran directly, so those students would either self-pay or have the option of applying for financial aid.

*Depending on the percentage of your eligibility and any items that VA will not cover, you may have a balance to pay prior to starting class.

I hope the resources on this page are helpful to you. If you have questions please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Financial Aid Office


Financial Aid Officer/VA School Certifying Official



Helpful Resources

Veterans Resource Guide - Brought to you by Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel. - Complete your change of training or apply for benefits.

eBenefits - Access your VA & DOD benefits 24/7.

VA Education Programs - Overview of each VA chapter.

WAVE - Report attendance for VA benefits.

GI Bill Comparison Tool - Search for and compare schools.

Financial Aid - Link to our Financial Aid page.

Adult Education Student Handbook - Policies, financial aid and other information.