Devon Rice

Medical Office Specialist, Billing and Coding 

My name is Devon Rice. I am a 33-year-old, single mother of a handsome, intelligent 8-year-old little boy named Skyler, and I enrolled in the Great Oaks Adult Education Medical Office Specialist program last June. Before deciding to enroll in the program, I had just lost my full-time job due to COVID, totaled my car, and had to leave my part-time job because my son's school went 100% remote, and I had no childcare for him. I felt so defeated, but I knew I had to keep going for the sake of my child.

From the moment I applied to enroll in the program, I can honestly say that I have felt a sense of purpose. I owe that all to Ms. Marty Lopinto and my instructor Ms. Teresa Thurston.  These two wonderful ladies assisted me every step of the way—through the financial aid process, application issues, etc. even during COVID. They were so helpful and always there when I needed assistance. I knew then that I had found the place for me to complete my certification. I previously was enrolled in an MOSBC program somewhere else and it wasn’t the best experience with very little staff support for students, and I just felt out of place and I gave up on it, wasted my money and my time. This time I knew it was going to different.

My first day in class with Ms. Thurston until today had been nothing short of amazing! I love attending class and learning everything there is to learn to be a great medical coder. This program has been nothing but positive for me and my family. Even though I have hit a few personal roadblocks during the program, I will not stop because I know I have something greater coming in the end. I keep a positive attitude because that determines my altitude in life. I know that I’m working towards a greater, more secure future for myself and my son and I owe that all to the Great Oaks program.