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How to Become a Motorcycle Instructor

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How to Become a Motorcycle Instructor

The rewards can be substantial. And you are paid for your time.

If you want to help others learn riding skills...

If you're interested in giving back to your community...

If you are a people-person, a good communicator, and have solid interpersonal skills...

Then... maybe you should consider becoming a motorcycle safety instructor.

Being a Motorcycle Ohio Instructor is a very rewarding career which can be enjoyed either part-time or full-time. An Instructor primarily coaches beginner riders... but sometimes it can also be offering support for a nervous rider, giving advice to a returning rider or providing advanced courses at specific locations across Ohio. Motorcycle Ohio will be conducting four Instructor Preparation Classes in 2019; one at Lakeland Community College, one at Terra Community College, and two at Scarlet Oaks.   Each class will be limited to 14 instructor candidates. We hope you can join our elite team of paid, certified instructors.

What it Takes

  • A smile and a sincere desire to help people.
  • A good driving record - this is a safety course and your driving record reflects your attitude of safety first. (All applicants have their driving record reviewed.)
  • Considerable riding experience - instructors must ride well enough to correctly demonstrate the correct riding skills to students. (You must have had an endorsement for at least 3 years.)
  • Good communication skills - the ability to communicate effectively with individuals and groups of people.
  • Passing the Instructor Preparation Course.