Mukhammad Zokhidonov

Construction Technologies 

As a student of Great Oaks Career Campuses, I had the privilege of learning from one of the most talented all-around builders I have met. With help of my instructor, Jeff, I was able to see things from a builder’s point of view and also have hands-on training in framing, plumbing, and even electrical elements of construction. Moreover, my instructor was able to explain how the industry is set up and gave insights how to best prepare to land a job that we are looking for. By enrolling in this program, I was able to explore many career fields in construction and narrow down what specific construction field that I would like to start in.

Another benefit is that I am able to meet with many potential employers. With the help of the program and my instructor’s network of contacts, I was introduced to representatives from many reputable companies that are hiring. I believe that by graduating from Great Oaks, I will be able to show those potential employers my work ethic based on my certifications, attendance rate and commitment to the program. This will improve my chances of getting hired by a good company and starting my career in the construction industry.

Yet, the most rewarding part of the program for me is that I am using the training that I have received at Great Oaks in my daily life. At home, I am doing small remodeling projects, and I have been able to help out friends on many occasions when remodeling/constructing questions arose. I am happy with the training and knowledge that I have gained at the program so far and the ability to help out people that are close to me. I’m glad that I chose the Construction Technologies program at Great Oaks.