Web and Graphic Design Certification

Program Length

130 hours


Monday and Wednesday
6:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Program Dates

August 2, 2021-December 15, 2021
*Skip Days: September 6, November 24

January 3, 2022-May 25, 2022
*Skip Days: January 17, February 21, April 11 & 13

Program Campus Location

Scarlet Oaks Career Campus
303 Scarlet Oaks Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
(Formerly 3254 East Kemper Road)

Tuition Information

$2095 (including books)

Other Costs

*Certification fee not included in tuition

Available Certifications

Adobe Certified Professional, more information can be found here 

Web and Graphic Design Course Description

Contact Information

For current class listings or to register,
click here or phone 513.771.8881.

In this 130-hour program, you’ll acquire the skills you’ll need to perform as a competent web and graphic design professional using Adobe Creative Suite, the definitive toolkit for professional design and web development. Study the basics of design, typography, color theory and basic layout, then apply them in the computer disciplines: Adobe Photoshop (image manipulation), Adobe Illustrator (drawing), Adobe Dreamweaver (web design), and Adobe Flash (animation). Prepare to communicate your design efforts in a real-world client situation as you develop portfolio-ready pieces and showcase your work in a student critique. Your instructor is a graphic and web design professional with extensive industry experience. Prerequisites are keyboarding skills, a basic comfort level with personal computers, and knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

For dates/times of the course or to register, click here  or phone 513.771.8881.


*Please note: This class does not qualify for Pell Grant or Stafford Loans (FAFSA).  Please click here to view other types of assistance.

This program is not subject to COE accreditation.