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Great Oaks Fire Academy offers nationally-recognized certifications

WebandGraphicDesignCourse Description 2015 Cadets in the Fire and Emergency Medical Rescue Academy at Great Oaks Career Campuses can earn additional certifications that give them nationally-recognized status.  That’s because, along with…
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Making connections with the real world

WebandGraphicDesignCourse Description 2015 by Harry Snyder “Will I need to know this?”  It’s a question that students often ask about school subjects and assignment.  They want to know the practical…
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Great Oaks Fire Academy earns state accreditation renewal

WebandGraphicDesignCourse Description 2015 The Fire Academy at Great Oaks Career Campuses has earned a 3-year accreditation renewal from the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS (ODPS).  The announcement…
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