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Heavy Equipment Operations & Engineering

Program Quick Facts

Gain Skills in Operating Heavy Construction Equipment

Great buildings, parks, neighborhoods, roads and homes depend on a properly prepared site.  Heavy Equipment Operations & Engineering will teach you to use and maintain a wide range of equipment—and to understand why and how to create landscapes that will support great structures.


Made in the Trades

Financial Aid Information can be found here

Learn how to operate and maintain a wide range of earth-moving equipment. Interpret and understand soil types as it applies to civil drawings and site maps.

What you will learn: Clearing and excavating, moving and grading earth, digging, slopping, stripping, backfilling, minor maintenance and repair, blueprint reading, construction math, equipment safety, field layout and measurement.

Learn about one of the many career options in this field!

I Build America Ohio Logo

Learn about construction in Ohio!  Go to I Build America – Ohio.

For job outlook and wages for Heavy Equipment Operations & Engineering visit www.onetonline.org.

Enrollment Requirements:

All students must be 18 years old by the completion of the program and have a high school diploma or HSE (High School Equivalency). HSE hotline: 513.612.5806

Great Oaks Career Campuses is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (council.org)  

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