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Requalification Revolver or Semiautomatic

4 hour

Great Oaks Police Academy offers a firearms course to meet the yearly qualification set forth in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) section 4749.10 for the private security professional to maintain their firearm certificate.

Great Oaks firearms instructors are Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC) certified.

Officers can requalify up to 90 days prior to their expiration date, and still retain the same expiration date for the next year. It is strongly recommended that officers requalify at the earliest date.

Students are required to bring firearm, belt, holster, 2 Speed-loaders or 2 magazines. (No single action/sub compact weapons permitted on the range.) (No reloads or steel core ammo is allowed)

Cost - Handgun: $150.00 (includes ammunition)
2 or 3 weapons: $175.00 (includes ammunition)


Click Here To Register Online

Or call 513.771.1142

Payment is due at registration.

A current copy of OPOTC certification must be received 7 days before class.

Class Dates:
For the latest class listings, click here and search "Requalification."

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Map to Great Oaks Firing Range

All students MUST enter through the range doors located on the side of Building 200. DO NOT bring firearms into building until approved by instructor.