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Fall 2020

Our community, and the world, continues to adapt to the ongoing pandemic.   In all that we do at Great Oaks, the safety and health of our students, staff and visitors is our highest priority.  Whenever students, staff and visitors are together in a Great Oaks building, we expect that social distancing (at a minimum of 6 feet) is practiced, face coverings will be worn by all, and the buildings and equipment will be frequently cleaned and sanitized.  We also encourage such healthy personal habits as regular hand-washing. 

The following information reflects the most recent planning; information can change if circumstances change.

Adult Workforce Development
Student Expectations and Responsibilities for Attending Full Time Programs

2020-2021 school year

To comply with governmental mandates aimed at reducing health related impacts caused by COVID-19, Great Oaks full time students are expected to adhere to the following safety guidelines.  All students are expected to understand that guidelines can change, due to the fluidity of information with COVID-19.

  • Great Oaks Career Campuses will keep updated postings at all entries and common areas regarding the common symptoms of the COVID-19 infection. This signage will include the duty of individuals not entering the building if they are experiencing any of the symptoms listed.
  • Students must monitor their body temperature prior to coming to school. Anyone with a temperature that exceeds 100.4◦, should remain at home and contact their instructor.  After arriving, a student may request that their body temperature be evaluated if they begin feeling ill, unwell, or experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection.  All labs will have a touchless thermometer available.
  • Entry and exit of Great Oaks buildings will be limited based on classroom and laboratory locations. Instructors will provide students with information related to permissible entry and exit doors for individual programs.
  • Students must provide their own safety glasses and face masks. Maintaining a back-up set of safety glasses and face masks is strongly recommended. Instructors will provide students with information related to what constitutes acceptable PPE.
  • Students who do not have the appropriate PPE, or if they refuse to wear the PPE, will not be permitted to be in the lab and will be required to leave the building, resulting in missed hours.
  • Vending machines will not be available until further notice. Students should plan accordingly.
  • Frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer will be encouraged.
  • When possible, shared tools, equipment, and instruments should be disinfected.
  • All students understand that they will have responsibilities for cleaning their instructional area with supplies provided by the school.
  • Great Oaks provided computers and personal mobile electronic devices used for classroom purposes may also require disinfecting before each day and between uses.
  • When using the restrooms that do not contain auto-flush fixtures, students are encouraged to use spray disinfectants before and after restroom use.
  • Students are expected to comply with individual classroom and laboratory safety protocols as prescribed by their instructor. These protocols may include, but are not limited to, the use of food/drink, PPE, barriers and maintaining safe distances. All students understand that safety protocols can be different depending on the field of study they have chosen to pursue.
  • Students will be expected to complete all assignments that are delivered remotely. Failure to complete assignments will result in missed hours and possible grade reduction.
  • Each student will be issued a Chromebook laptop computer to be used for remote learning. Each student will sign the user agreement form and  understands they are responsible for the device and will return it at the close of the school year, or sooner, if they are voluntarily or involuntarily withdrawn.
  • As a student, if you test positive for COVID-19, the county health department where the school or individual is located will be notified and will give further direction. Great Oaks will ensure that the campus is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.  Individual health information is private and protected by law through HIPAA and FERPA.  No names or information that would identify an individual will be released by the school or those associated with the school.